Submitted by Stephen King

Brevoort Lake: K & V Grocery (906-643-9665) Bait, etc.  “Fishing has been pretty good. Lots of people out there. Been hearing some pretty good stories. Today, heard one group came in with 13 walleyes, keepers. Have heard of other groups, a few days ago, coming in with more than that. With small ones, the ones they threw back, they were saying 40-50 or more. One group said they had over 100.  But, it varies day by day. We had a couple of days when they just were not biting. And, nobody was doing anything. But, it looks like they’re starting to bite pretty well again.”

Deer Park (Muskallonge Lake) Northwest of Newberry, on Lake Superior shore. Bait, cabins, store, etc. “We have been seeing quite a few fishermen out there. They have been doing pretty well. They are catching just about everything. A lot of pike, quite a few smallmouths (Not in season, have to throw them back), a few walleye, and a lot of panfish. This is a good place to take kids. Everybody usually catches something.”

Curtis: Mick’s Bait Shop. (906-586-6040)  “Still doing pretty good. We were doing really well. But, this cold weather has slowed the bite down just a bit. But, the fish seem like they are starting to bite better. And, they are still catching just about everything. Lots of pike. Some walleyes. And, a lot of panfish. They seem to be doing better on minnows. But, some of the guys have been saying they are starting to pick up panfish on wax worms. And, be safe out there. Always make sure of the ice.”

Naubinway. Millecoquin’s Lake. Still getting good reports of lots of Pike. Also, a good friend reported catching a stray cat fish. On a tip up. In the middle of the day. I don’t make this stuff up. I just pass it along.  Special Note. The annual Millecoquin’s Lake Winter Carnival, and their Fishing Contest has been canceled for this year.

Autrain:  Autrain Grocery: Always a good place for info. Gas, snacks, etc. Stop in and say “Hi” to Hannah. She always has a beautiful smile and a warm pasty.  “Been seeing lots of people fishing on the lake (The reservoir) Not sure what they have been catching. But, they seem to be happy and are talking like they have been doing pretty good.

Copper Harbor:  Had some good reports of people picking up splake and other fish on the inland lakes. Ice was just starting to set up in the bay. But, talked to them yesterday. Have not seen many fishermen. So, nothing coming in for info.

L’Anse: Indian Country Sports: (906-524-6518)  “Not much ice. Open water in most of Keweenaw Bay. On the lower bay, some people have been venturing out. But, ice conditions are not that great. Advise extreme caution. They have been fishing off the park, in Baraga, and off the very bottom of the bay. They have been picking up a few coho, some splake, and an occasional pike.”

Bay De Noc: Upper Bay: Kipling: Blade’s Bait and Tackle (906-420-8494)  “Fishing has slowed down a bit. Getting reports of some small walleye and a few perch.”

Keep checking back, we are just getting started. Hope to grow this project. If you know of a bait shop or other place that would like to be included in the Weekly Fishing Report, be sure to send them our way.

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