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American Forests and The Nature Conservancy launch reforestation hub

Image of northeast and midwest U.S. with shaded areas depicting areas to plant trees

The reforestation hub offers comprehensive reforestation data at the county level including potential locations for planting trees in the contiguous United States. The site estimates that reforesting these areas with approximately 68 billion trees could capture 333 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to removing 72 million cars from the road.

Tree Equity Score Tool completes analysis for metro areas including Detroit

MDOT photo of street trees and plantings in Detroit

American Forests developed a methodology for calculating Tree Equity Scores for city neighborhoods, aimed at sharing information on tree cover, income, population density, race and other factors. This data can be used to plant trees where these critical resources are most needed. In its latest update, data is provided for the Detroit area, viewable on an interactive map.

Treat your sweet to DNR Valentines

A pink valentine with an owl with the text "Owl always be there for you, valentine!"Delight your sweetheart, family or friends with a special DNR-themed message this Valentine’s Day! These pun-derful cards are sure to make everyone smile and feel a little more connected (to each other and the outdoors).With 14 different designs to choose from, you’ll find just the right sentiment for your favorite people. Cards include affectionate plays on words, like “I’m very fawned of you!” and “You make me a happy camper, Valentine!”

Create a backyard habitat

Image of a wooden birdhouse in an apple tree

Spring is coming soon – now is a great time to start planning your garden and landscape! This year, consider adding wildlife habitat to your garden and yard. Creating a space for birds, insects, and amphibians is not only fun and rewarding, but can provide many benefits to your yard, such as pollination and natural pest control. Join the Outdoor Adventure Center in a virtual presentation to inspire your landscape Feb. 25.

Arbor Day Alliance holding fifth grade poster contest

Arbor Day image of people in a park advertising 5th grade poster contest

The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance invites Michigan fifth grade students to use their imaginations and drawing, coloring and painting skills to create a poster demonstrating the theme “Trees for our Health.” Submit posters by March 3.

What’s living in your firewood?

A Michigan study showed that when 1,045 pieces of firewood were examined, 23% had evidence of beetles, and 41% of infestation

Firewood can carry hitchhiking insects that spread out and attack new trees if moved from place to place. Buy firewood where you plan to burn it to avoid spreading invasive pests or tree diseases. If possible, use firewood that has been heat-treated. Learn more at

Workshops and conferences

Feb. 17, 24: Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA Conference

Feb. 19: Electrical hazards awareness for arborists

Feb. 22-26: Nature of Cities conference festival

Feb. 23-27: Audubon Naturalist Society – Taking Nature Black Conference 

March 2-3: Michigan Green Industry Association Trade Show and Convention 

March 8-12: Utility Arborist line clearance training

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