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This weekly newsletter contains information related to urban forestry and arboriculture training, research, jobs, and funding in Michigan, nationally and internationally. If you know of an event or opportunity that may be of interest to our partners, please email program coordinator Kevin Sayers. Safety reminder: Don’t shelter under trees during stormsAvoid pruning oak trees between April 15 and July 15New K-8 activity guide helps kids explore the environmentTree planting grants get a boost from Consumers EnergyCommunity Trees Challenge: Science is better togetherWorkshops and conferencesIn the newsNonprofit spotlight: Michigan Arbor Day AllianceWebinarsResearchFundingSafety reminder: Don’t shelter under trees during stormsA pine tree struck by lightning explodes - image via National Weather Service
Elementary school students in Wautoma, Wis. witnessed a shocking display of nature’s power last week when lightning struck a pine tree right outside the school, shattering the trunk and toppling it over. It’s an important reminder moving indoors, not sheltering under a tree, is the safest action to take during a thunderstorm.  Avoid pruning oak trees between April 15 and July 15
Oak leaves wilting and browning due to oak wilt disease
From April 15 to July 15, oak trees are at high risk for oak wilt, a serious fungal disease that can weaken white oaks and kill red oak trees within weeks of infection. During this time of year, flying beetles – that can carry oak wilt fungus spores from tree to tree – are active. The fungus can infect trees through wounds left by pruning or storm damage. Learn how to protect oak trees from oak wild diseaseNew K-8 activity guide helps kids explore the environment Project Learning Tree, a nationwide program using trees and forests to help students learn about the environment, has released a new curriculum activity guide to help kindergarten through eighth-grade students learn through nature. The guide includes science, math, language arts, and social studies activities. Award-winning environmental education programs from Project Learning Tree are designed to boost real-world learning experiences, civic engagement, and critical thinking skills.
Cover image of Project learning tree environmental exploration guidebook
Tree planting grants get a boost from Consumers EnergyA women walks with a shovel next to a row of newly planted trees
Consumers Energy has provided a grant of $24,000 to the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance to increase tree plantings in Michigan communities and educate youth on the importance of trees to the environment. Organizations that wish to apply for a tree-planting grant of up to $2,000 should apply by April 30Community Trees Challenge: Science is better together2021 community trees challenge logo with green leaves and "science is better together" statement
The NASA GLOBE Program challenges the citizen science community to learn about trees and record observations as part of the 2021 Community Trees Challenge. During the challenge, community scientists can observe, learn, engage and create as they track their progress on an activity tracker. Choose the best journey based on interests or try to complete all the activities. Workshops and conferences
April 28, 30:  CARTS Certified Pesticide Applicator training
April 19, 21, 26, and 28: ISA Municipal Specialist Certification exam prep webinars
April 20, 27: 2-part series on assessing tree-related operational risk
May 18: Urban Forest Symposium: Relationships, regeneration and reflections
May 24: Tree Risk Assessment Qualification renewal course 
May 24-26: Climate Leadership Conference
May 25-27:  Tree Risk Assessment Qualification full course