Submitted by Stephen King

In general, the past week has been a bit sketchy. Snow showers, rain, cold temps. Not the best. Fish have put on their fur coats and gone into hiding. But, a few are reporting good catches of trout, both rainbows and brookies. Got a good report on Keweenaw Bay. Doing good over there. Also, lots of ORVs being spotted. Most trails are open and muddy, which the ORV people just love.  And, getting quite a few reports of people finding morels. But, still early in that season. From what I have heard, the ones they are finding are pretty small.

Fishing & Outdoor Fun Report April 9th 2021

Drummond Island Johnson’s Sport Shop (906-493-6300. Rick reported, “Things are pretty slow. They’ve been picking up a few perch, but not that many and they have been small. And, the females they are picking up are still rock hard. Have not even started to spawn yet. So, we’ve got to get some warmer weather to warm that water up, to get those fish spawning. But, I have been seeing quite a few ORVs, we’re expecting a few more again this weekend. Trails are open and in good shape.”

Brevoort Lake: K & V Grocery (906-643-9665) Bait, etc.

“Things are pretty slow. Not selling a whole lot of bait. Not many people out there. But, we have been seeing a lot of ORVs. Lot of them stopping in.”

Curtis: Mick’s Bait Shop. (906-586-6040)  They said, “Things are pretty slow. Weather is not that great. But, have had a few reports of people getting some perch and a few crappies on the South Lake. And, people are out looking for suckers.  Also, people are out looking for morels, but, I haven’t heard of anybody getting that many.”

Deer Park (Muskallonge Lake) Northwest of Newberry, on Lake Superior shore. Bait, cabins, store, etc.  (906-658-3341.)   Talked to Christy, the owner, she noted, “I’ve been selling a lot of bait. And, I know they’ve been going out onto the lake and up to the Two Heart. I’ve heard they are starting to pick up a few fish on the Two Heart. And, I’ve been selling a lot of spawn, so, I guess they are doing pretty good.  And, I have been seeing quite a few ORVs. They all seem happy, out there playing in the mud.”

Autrain Grocery Store and Motel (906-892-8142)  Talked to Hannah. That is always just fun. She said, “We’ve been selling quite a few crawlers. I guess they’ve been fishing up on Autrain Lake. Not to many fishing at the mouth of the river. But, I have heard they have been doing really good, out on Lake Superior. Not sure what they’ve been catching. But, I have heard they are doing really good. And, we just had a big group of ORVs go by. And, I have not heard of anybody finding any morels yet. But, we do have good home made pasties. So, stop in a get a pasty to go with  those crawlers.”

L’Anse: Indian Country Sports: (906-524-6518)  Bait, tackle, and a whole lot of good info.  Talked to Ashley, who said, “The steelhead run is just starting. They are just starting to trickle in. But, the ones they are getting are pretty nice. That’s in the local rivers that usually have a good run.  Then, out in the Bay, they’ve been doing pretty good trolling body baits. They are fishing shallower water, 20’ or less. And, the fish are up in the water colurm. They’ve been catching quite a few coho, as well as good catches of steelhead and brown trout. Also, the smelt are just now starting to trickle in. Got one report of somebody seeing like 20, in a couple hours at one creek.”

Copper Harbor Fuel Stop (906-289-3483)  Fuel, bait and tackle, pop and munchies, and some awesome subs, when available.) Did not answer. But, last time I talked to them, they reported good catches of Lake Trout, right in the harbor.

Berglund, (Lake Gogebic) (906-575-3542) Bait, tackle, cabins, plenty of info about Lake Gogebic.  Did not answer.

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