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This week, things have been pretty slow. The weather has started to warm up. But, still
has been a bit on the cool side. More than one person noted that we got an early spring,
but now it seems like it’s colder than it was all winter. But, the days are starting to get
As for the fishing, kind of a mixed bag. A few perch and gills to be found. But, mostly
pretty slow. Also, with the big walleye and pike opener on May 15th, most everybody is
getting ready for that.
Also, again getting a mixed bag on the trout. Some say it is slowing down. Others say it
is starting to pick up. Just depends where you are fishing.
Also, fishing has been good in Lake Superior. Once again, Keweenaw Bay is the hot spot
for this week. Limit catches on Kings, Coho, and Browns.
And, in other news, the morels are popping. Starting to hear good reports on them. ORV
Trails are open. And, a few riders are out. But, I remember seeing a girl at the gas station
last week, with a group of ORV riders. She was bundled up like she could have been on a
snowmobile. So, just a bit chilly on them. But, with the warmer weather, things should
get nicer on the trails.
Now, for this week’s report:
Drummond Island Johnson’s Sport Shop (906-493-6300.) Your one spot stop for
everything outdoors on the Island. Did not answer their phone. Their last report was that
fishing was pretty slow. Not much happening. But, the ORV Trails were open and in
good shape. And, there were a few ORVs on the Island.
Pickford: Wilderness Treasure Shop. (906-647-4002) They have bait, tackle, and some
really pretty treasures to make that fish camp look pretty. They usually have good info on
Munuscong Lake, the Cedarville and Hessell area, and the St. Mary’s River.
They reported, “Not much been going on. Fishing has been pretty slow. Hardly anybody
fishing. Not selling hardly any bait. Everybody is getting ready for May 15th and the
Walleye Opener.”
Deer Park (Muskallonge Lake) Northwest of Newberry, on Lake Superior shore. Bait,
cabins, store, etc. (906-658-3341.) Did not answer the phone. (Also-The one gas

station, bait shop, ORV, and canoe rental place is closed until Memorial Day Weekend.
Just FYI.) But, last week Christy noted, “Things are still pretty quiet. We need the
weather to warm up a bit. But, I have heard they are getting a few trout, over in the Two
Heart. Nothing on Menominees. Nobody has said anything about them. And, on our lake,
it has been pretty quiet. However, I have heard reports of people getting some walleye.
But, the opener is next week. Also, we are starting to rent boats this weekend, so, I am
expecting things to pick up quite a bit. Also, I’ve been seeing a few ORVs. They all seem
happy, out there playing in the mud.”
Curtis: Mick’s Bait Shop. (906-586-6040) Talked to my old buddy, Mick. This week,
she said, “Things have been a bit slow. But, everybody is really getting set for the opener.
Both the fish and the fishermen. The fish are starting to get really active and the
fishermen are chomping at the bit. And, here at the bait shop, we’re loaded for bear. We
have plenty of minnows, leeches, and crawlers.
Then, right now, they are still picking up a few perch and gills, mostly on the south lake.
And, the suckers are still in, and they’ve been doing pretty good on them. But, for the
most part, everybody is waiting for the Opener.
And, I also want to mention our Tournament, the Curtis Clash, which is for bass and
walleye, with a top prize of $500 for bass and walleye. And, I want to mention that this is
a fun family tournament. No Pros or Semi-Pros. It will be on June 5th and 6th. And, will
include a Fish Fry on June 6th. You can call here for more information.
Bay View Bait and Tackle, Escanaba (906-786-1488) Bait, tackle, motel. Talked to a
very nice lady who was more than happy to tell me everything she had heard. She told
me, “They’ve been picking up perch on Little Bay De Noc. That’s been good. But, Big
Bay has slowed down a bit. And, of course, everyone is getting ready for the walleye
opener. And, some years opening day is pretty good, other years not that great. This year,
I’m not sure. Usually, the perch fishermen are talking about the walleyes they are picking
up. This year, not hearing that much. But, for walleye, I have heard they have been
catching a few, over the north of Cedar. Then, they have been picking up quite a few basses
over on the Ford River. And, a few trout fishermen out there. One guy I talked to said it
was pretty slow, at the start, but now really starting to pick up.”
Autrain Grocery Store and Motel (906-892-8142) Gas, a few groceries, munchies. Decent
homemade pasties. Usually good fishing at the mouth of the Autrain River. Talked to
Marla. She said, “I’ve seen a few people out there fishing. But, I have no idea how they
have been doing.”
However, the DNR Fishing Report for this week stated, “The ramp has been in for a
week now. Coho are in shallow water and were hitting on jigs and stick baits with a
slower presentation. A few brown trout have also been caught. Chinook salmon were
starting to be caught on spoons in the early morning. Steelhead are spawning in the rivers
and were hitting on spawn bags.

So, somebody stop in at the Grocery and tell Marla about this, please.

L’Anse: Indian Country Sports: (906-524-6518) Bait, tackle, and a whole lot of good
This week, they reported, “Well, there was no real smelt run. And, a lot of people were
pretty disappointed. From what I have heard, they think the smelt are spawning out in the
Lake and not coming in.
Also, everyone is really getting ready for the walleye opener. If I had to suggest
someplace up here, I would say Huron Bay. They do the best for walleyes over there.
Then, the fishing right here, in Keweenaw Bay, has been awesome. People out trolling
have been limiting out. Lots of Kings, plus some Coho. And, Browns. Try body baits.
Also, the suckers are in. People have been doing pretty good on them. But, that has
slowed down the steelhead run a bit. But, they are still catching them. And, with the
warmer weather, the steelhead are starting to get more active. Hearing good reports from
the Huron and other area rivers.”
They also mentioned the 2021 Keweenaw Bay Showdown, a Fishing Tournament they
have coming up on June 12th. I have also posted their poster on both my Facebook page
and website. So, be sure to check that out.
Copper Harbor Fuel Stop (906-289-3483) They have gas, pop, and munchies, including
some awesome subs (when available) along with bait and tackle. They reported, “They’re
getting a few smelt. Hit and miss. But, they have been doing pretty good right here in the
bay. This morning, about daybreak, I saw at least half a dozen boats out there. And,
from what I’ve heard, they’ve been doing pretty good. I also heard that they have been
picking up a few fish on Lake Medora. But, not much else. But, they are catching them
right now, here in the bay.”
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