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Overall, this has been a pretty busy week. First, the big thing was the opening of walleye and pike season. That was what everybody was talking about. And, as usual, there was a mixed bag of results. Some good. Some not so good. The good was on Bay De Noc and on Munuscong. Both places were producing lots of limits of “eyes”. And, Keweenaw Bay was again producing a lot of fish. Salmon and Trout. The not-so-good was about everywhere else.

Then, the trout fishing is still pretty good. Personally, this was always my favorite time of the year to fish trout. The weather has finally warmed up so that your fingers don’t go numb and you’re not dodging snowflakes. Also, the pretty green stuff still hasn’t gone completely bonkers and you can still get to the streams without a weed whacker. And, the spring floods have gone down. So, the fish are hungry. And, if you toss the right thing in front of them, they will usually take the bait.

Then, getting good reports of suckers. They are where they usually are this time of year. And, for those of you who still turn up your nose at them, they really are tasty. Grind them up, add in a few onions, some saltine crackers, a little oatmeal, an egg or two, make into patties, coat in pancake flour, and fry. Pretty tasty.

Also, the morels are popping. And, just as a bit of a quirk, I had Anthony Williams, the 5 Time Morel Picking World Champion in my store a couple of days ago. Always fun to visit with him.

And, he had a bit of advice: The trees. Look for the right kind of trees. Old apple tree groves are the best. For the black morels, the early ones, look for aspen. For the white morels, the later ones, look for ash.

Then, in the early season, look on the south sides of ridges. Then, later, look on the north side. And, as you walk, go up and down the ridges. Rather than from side to side.

And, in other news, the ORV Trails are open. With the warmer weather, I am expecting a lot more people out on the Trails.

Now, for this week’s report:

Drummond Island Johnson’s Sport Shop (906-493-6300.) Your one spot stop for everything outdoors on the Island. Did not answer their phone. But, the ORV Trails are open and in good shape.

Pickford: Wilderness Treasure Shop. (906-647-4002) They have bait, tackle, and some really pretty treasures to make that fish camp look pretty. They usually have good info on Munuscong Lake, the Cedarville and Hessell area, and the St. Mary’s River.

Talked to Tom. He reported, “We had a great opener over here on Munuscong. Lots of people. Lots of people limiting out. Just a lot of fish out there. That was both Saturday and Sunday. Then, the bite slowed down for a couple of days. But, now they’re hitting again. And, they are getting them on just about anything. Most are using crawler harness or crank baits and slow trolling them. The fish are also really shallow. In 5-6’ of water. Also, they are in dirty water. Look for the dirty water and you will find the fish.

Then, over in the Cedarville area, they are picking up quite a few perch and bluegills. Plus a few pike and other things. And, they are doing pretty good from shore. The usual spots. The bridge and the various docks.”

K&V Grocery Moran. Gas, munchies, bait, etc. Also, the home of the happiest minnows in all of Moran. Talked to Denise. She reported, “Not sure how they’ve been doing. But, a lot of people out fishing. Last week, I ran out of leeches. But, we’re restocking and we should have minnows, crawlers, and leeches for this weekend.”

And, a bit more on that. I was at the Straits Area Sportmen’s Association meeting this past week. And, most of the guys there fished Brevoort Lake. They were not a bunch of happy campers. Basically, they saw a lot of fish on their sonar. But, the fish were not biting. One guy got two. One undersize and one legal. And, that was the highlight reel. So, not that good of an opener there. But, the fish are there. Just got to talk them into biting.

Deer Park (Muskallonge Lake) Northwest of Newberry, on Lake Superior shore. Bait, cabins, store, etc. (906-658-3341.) Did not answer the phone. (Also-Follow Me Outfitters, the gas station, bait shop, ORV, and canoe rental place, is closed until Memorial Day Weekend. Just FYI.)

Duke’s Sport Shop in Newberry. (906-291-2110) Talked to them. They said, “They’ve been getting a few fish on the River (Tahquamenon). A few small pike and a few walleye. And, haven’t heard anything about the Two Heart. Not sure what’s happening up there.”

Curtis: Mick’s Bait Shop. (906-586-6040) Talked to Dave. Not sure what happened to my old buddy, Mick this week. But, Dave said, “Had a pretty decent opener. Some caught fish. Some did not. But, the ones that did seemed to catch most of them in the hour just before dark. And, they were catching most of them on minnows. With leeches taking a close second.

Then, right now, they are still picking up a few perch and gills, mostly on the south lake. And, the suckers are still in, and they’ve been doing pretty good on them. But, for the most part, everybody was all excited about the opener And, I have heard of a few pike being caught. Nothing huge. But, quite a few of them.

And, I also want to mention our Tournament, the Curtis Clash, which is for bass and walleye, with a top prize of $500 for bass and walleye. And, I want to mention that this is a fun family tournament. No Pros or Semi-Pros. It will be on June 5th and 6th. And, will include a Fish Fry on June 6th. You can call here for more information.

Bay View Bait and Tackle, Escanaba (906-786-1488) Bait, tackle, motel. Talked to a very nice lady who was more than happy to tell me everything she had heard. She told me, “We had an excellent Opener. Lots of people. Lots of people getting limits. They did the best on the north part of the Bay. Up around the Whitefish River. Then, they did well on the Escanaba River as well.

And, from what I hear, they’re doing the best either early in the morning, or in the hour just before dark.

Also, they are still picking up some perch. And, what a lot of the guys are doing is fishing walleyes first thing in the morning, and then perch during the day, and then going back to walleye later in the day.”

Autrain Grocery Store and Motel (906-892-8142) Gas, a few groceries, munchies. Decent homemade pasties. Usually good fishing at the mouth of the Autrain River. Talked to Rita. She said, “I’ve seen a few people out there fishing. But, I have no idea how they have been doing. But, if this counts, I caught a sunfish, on a little lake. And, that was fun.”

To add just a bit more: The DNR Fishing Report for last week stated, “The ramp has been in for a week now. Coho is in shallow water and was hitting on jigs and stick baits with a slower presentation. A few brown trout have also been caught. Chinook salmon were starting to be caught on spoons in the early morning. Steelhead is spawning in the rivers and was hitting on spawn bags. This week, the report was about the same.

So, somebody stop in at the Grocery and tell Rita about this, please.

L’Anse: Indian Country Sports: (906-524-6518) Bait, tackle, and a whole lot of good info.

This week, Ashley reported, “Fishing has been great up here. They have been doing great, right here in Keweenaw Bay. They’ve been getting limits of salmon, both Kings, and Coho. Plus, a few Browns. Those have been at the top of the water column. 40’ feet and shallower.

But, the deeper waters have been good for Lake Trout. They’ve been doing good jigging for them. They have been using spoons and bits of suckers.

And, I haven’t heard of anyone doing anything here in Keweenaw Bay for Walleye. But, over in Huron Bay, they’ve been doing pretty good.

Then, the stream fishermen are still doing pretty good on trout. Both rainbows and brookies. But, the bugs are really bad. But, if you can deal with the bugs, the fishing is pretty good. Hearing good reports from the Huron and other area rivers.”

They also mentioned the 2021 Keweenaw Bay Showdown, a Fishing Tournament they have coming up on June 12th. I have also posted their poster on both my Facebook page and website. So, be sure to check that out.

Copper Harbor Fuel Stop. (906-289-3483) They used to be good for information about Trails, Fishing, etc. New owner. Asked me not to call him anymore. He does not fish and does not know anything about fishing and does not want to be bothered. Just FYI.

Lake Gogebic Bear’s Nine Pines Resort Cabins, etc. (906-842-3361) The Lake Gogebic Opener had great weather but fishing was rough. With 60’s on one day and 80’s today (Monday), it has been almost too nice for the walleyes to bite. Anglers are picking up fish on a variety of methods. The standard jig and minnow drifting or casting a wide range of depths from 20-25ft during the day with better reports coming from the 6-10ft during the evening and after dark. Lots of 11” fish with some nicer ones in the 15-18” range. Many people are also trying crawlers and leeches. Or, just trolling. But, the smallmouth are very active. They have been biting very well. But, you must remember that season is not open for them, yet.”

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