UPDATE: Earlier this month, we shared a news release announcing the approval of $37.8 million in Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant recommendations. These grants fall into two categories: development and acquisition. Recently, we were asked to clarify that land approved for acquisition grant funding (for example, Black River Ranch in Cheboygan and Montmorency counties) remains under private ownership and is NOT immediately open to the public. Read more about the Black River Ranch property and purchase process. The approval of funding for proposed land acquisitions simply means that the funds are being set aside for the projects. In some cases, Trust Fund support is just one part of the total funding needed. It is also important to note that the acquisition process can take months or longer to complete, which means there will be a lag time between grant approval and when a property actually opens to public use. Everyone seeking public land for outdoor recreation opportunities is responsible for confirming whether a property actually is open for public use. Below, we are sharing the original email message that links to the news release announcing the grant approvals and to the lists of development and acquisition grants. We hope this helps clear up any confusion. Whitmer signs a $37.8 million Trust Fund bill for outdoor recreation development and acquisition grants Against the backdrop of West Grand Traverse Bay, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer today signed legislation authorizing $37.8 million in Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grants that will support outdoor recreation projects throughout Michigan. The governor signed House Bill 4469 on Discovery Pier at Greilickville Harbor Park in Elmwood Charter Township (shown above). The township, one of more than 70 Trust Fund grantees, will receive $300,000 to further the recreation-based development of the pier area around the city’s old coal dock.
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This is just one of many Trust Fund projects approved in the legislation. The bill includes funding for 76 recreation projects and land purchases recommended by the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Board in December. Learn more about the Trust Fund at Michigan.gov/MNRTF.