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This week: Fishing is still pretty good. A lot of good fishing out there. Getting good
reports on walleye and such. Munuscong seems to be the happening place right now. As
well as the north shore of Drummond Island.
Then, for Lake Trout, the Detour Channel is still the hot spot. Last week, I was getting
reports of 30 or more fish per boat per trip. Those are just crazy numbers. That is
basically as fast as you can catch them.
Then, Keweenaw Bay is still good. Got a good report this week that they are doing pretty
good on Coho and Kings. Up shallow. And, some Lakers, deeper.
Then, hearing that the ORVs are out and about. Plenty of them out. Trails are good and
open. But, also heard that the DNR is out and they are issuing tickets for no Trail
They are not letting people off because of “Covid” anymore. That bird has flown the
coop. There are lots of places to buy a sticker. And, Trail Stickers fund the program. So,
it is important to buy a sticker. And, personally, if you can afford to pay $20,000 or more
for an ORV, then you can afford to pay a few extra bucks for that Sticker.
And, personally, still been fishing the night shift. On my home town stream, been picking
up really good numbers of bull heads. Tasty little fish. And, the occasional carp. On carp:
Not so bad smoked. Pretty tasty if you do it right. Also, just me… Catching that cute little
10 inch brookie is fun. Hooking up with a 30 pound carp, now, that’s a fight. Just sayin’.
Anyway, from the reports, just about everything is still biting just about everywhere.
Fishing is good.
Now, for the Reports:

Drummond Island Johnson’s Sport Shop (906-493-6300.) Your one spot stop for
everything outdoors on the Island.
Did not answer his phone. But, last week, Rick reported, “The walleye are biting. Been
getting really good reports from Scott’s Bay. Lot of walleye in the 24-26” range. One 28”

inch fish. But, most are 18-20”. Good eaters. They’ve been picking them up trolling with
crawler harnesses. Plus, they’ve been picking up a few pike and bass. So, fishing has
been pretty good.
Also, the Trails are open and we have been seeing quite a few jeeps. And, most of the
people we have seen seem pretty happy with the trails.”

Pickford: Wilderness Treasure Shop. (906-647-4002) They have bait, tackle, and some
really pretty treasures to make that fish camp look pretty. They usually have good info on
Munuscong Lake, the Cedarville and Hessell area, and the St. Mary’s River.
Talked to Tom, who said, “The walleyes are still biting on Munuscong. Guys are still
doing good on them. Also, pike, bass, perch, just about everything in the Bay is biting.
People been doing really good. Having lots of fun.
Then, down in Cedarville, they are still picking up pike and panfish. But, they are still
getting a lot of Lakers over in Detour. Right in the channel.
Then, he added, “On Drummond, they are still doing good on walleyes. Just in case you
didn’t get in touch with Rick.”

K&V Grocery Moran. Gas, munchies, bait, etc. Also, the home of the happiest minnows
in all of Moran. (906-643-9665) A good place to find info on Brevoort Lake.
Kathy said, “The fish are biting. Just about everything is biting right now. They are
catching a lot of fish. It is a good time to go fishing. And, we have lots of bait. Worms,
crawlers, leeches, minnows, chubs.”

Deer Park (Muskallonge Lake) Northwest of Newberry, on Lake Superior shore. Bait,
cabins, boat rentals, propane, store, etc. (906-658-3341.)
Talked to Christy. Always a fun chat. She said, “The fish are biting. They are picking up
pike, and bass, and panfish. The fishing is really good.” This was for Muskalonge Lake
and the other inland lakes in that area.
Then, she added, “And, I have not heard much about the Two Heart. I think that may be
kind of done for the season.”
And, she said, “And, I have been seeing lots of side by sides. They are out in force. Also,
the DNR is out. And, they have been checking for stickers. So, you better have your Trail
sticker on your ORV. Or, they will give you a ticket.

Same thing with Fishing Licenses. The DNR CO told me that they have been seeing a lot
of people fishing without a license. And, if they check you, you will get a ticket.
They said people are using the excuse that you can’t buy one, (Because of Covid). But,
he also asked if I sell them here. And, I do. So, just saying, you better have your Trail
Sticker, and if you are fishing, your Fishing License.”
And, personally, I have been involved in the Trail system as a Professional for over 27
years now. And, the way the Trail system gets funded is through the Trail Stickers. So,
you need to buy your sticker. Also, this is me personally, if you can afford to pay $20,000
or more for an ORV, then you can afford to pay a few bucks for a sticker.
Same with the Fishing License. The money from Licenses goes to fund the Programs.
Personally, I am Native. I do not have to actually buy a State License. But, I do. Because
I believe in the Program. Enuff said.

Duke’s Sport Shop in Newberry. (906-291-2110) Talked to them. Bait, tackle, coffee pot,
good conversations. This week, they reported, “Fishing has picked up on the
Tahquamenon River. The River is low right now and the fish are in the holes. To, they
are targeting those areas. And, they are catching walleyes, and perch. And, the occasional
pike and muskie.”
Curtis: Mick’s Bait Shop. (906-586-6040) Bait, tackle, info. Did not answer phone. But,
last week reported good catches of just about everything. Especially pan fish, on South
Manistique Lake.
However, Duke’s reported that fishing on South Lake has slowed down just a bit. Said
they were out on South Lake and did not do that great. However, I was out on my
personal spot and also did not catch much. Might have been just a front going through.
Plus, Curtis has their Curtis Clash Walleye and Bass Tournament this weekend. Prizes for
the top catches. Also, a nice dinner and lots of fun. Call Mick’s for more details.
Indian Lake, Manistique Area. Linda’s Bread Box. (906-644-2284) Gas, bait, tackle,
munchies. Talked to Jessica. Very pleasant girl. She said, “Not much to report. I’ve been
off for a few days and a bit out of the loop. But, we’ve been selling quite a few crawlers
and jumbo leeches. And, I’ve been seeing quite a few fishermen out on the lake. And,
they seem pretty happy.”
Bay View Bait and Tackle, Escanaba (906-786-1488) Bait, tackle, motel. Talked to the
wonderful lady there. Always just a nice conversation. She knows a lot about the local

She said, “Fishing has slowed down a bit. They are still catching walleyes. But, they have
slowed down just a bit. Also, we had our Tournament last weekend, and did pretty good.
We had 19 entries. Which is OK. And, our next Tournament is in August.”
She added, “And, I have not heard much about perch. Just everything seems to have
slowed down a bit. Same with bass. They’ve been getting a few. But, down a bit from last
L’Anse: Indian Country Sports: (906-524-6518) Bait, tackle, and a whole lot of good
info. Talked to Ashley. Always just fun. She always knows what is biting in the area.
This week, she said, “They are doing pretty good trolling in Keweenaw Bay. They’ve
been picking up quite a few Coho and some big Kings. From what I’ve been hearing, the
fish are all over the place. But, they’ve been doing best in water 60’ and up. Also, orange
and green seem to be the best colors.”
She went on, “Then, some of them are picking up some Lake Trout, fishing the deeper
waters. They’re starting to do better on them.”
Ashley added, “Plus, the river fishing has been pretty good. They are still getting quite a
few brookies and rainbows. The Huron has been pretty good.”
She finished, “And, the inland lakes are good. Especially Prickett Dam. They are really
doing good over there. And, I have been hearing good reports from Otter Lake, and a few
of the other inland lakes. Lots of panfish, pike, bass, and whatever else is in them.
Fishing has been good.”
Lake Gogebic Bear’s Nine Pines Resort Cabins, etc. (906-842-3361)
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